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5 Tips to Find Bliss and Balance Out Your Life

The pandemic has people working more and living less. The good news?

There are 5 simple ways to restore the work life balance your brain (and body) is begging you for.


Ever heard the phrase “work life balance”?

Basically, it’s the idea that your work-life and your home-life can be compartmentalized—where one doesn’t affect or harm the other.

But, can work-life balance actually be achieved?

With technology that keeps us “on” until the late hours of the night and the “new normal” lifestyle that includes working from home, a work-life balance is becoming harder and harder to achieve.

In fact, one in four employees say that they feel burned out at work either very often or always.

So, what can we do to alleviate this burnout and restore bliss and balance in our lives?

Here are our top 5 tips...

1. Press Pause

The first step to feeling blissful: Press pause on the go-go-go mentality and rethink your priorities.

Look at your work-life and your home life—what trade-offs have you made (whether intentional or not)?

Have you given up your morning walk because you need to get the kids up and ready for the day? Do you come home and immediately turn on the news after work?

How is your current work situation making you feel? Invigorated and hopeful? Defeated and stressed?

It’s easy to fall into an absentminded routine, and that’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to ask yourself, “What do I truly want? How do I want to feel throughout the day?”

Pull out your journal and reflect on those two questions. Give yourself 5 minutes to answer each one in depth. This will give you the clarity you need to reset, refocus, and redirect to a path that’s truly aligned with who you are and who you want to be.

Remember: You can’t find bliss or balance without first pressing pause to reflect on the issue at hand.


2. Get Moving

Not only does physical activity fend off ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression, it may also have a positive influence on stress levels…

In a 2014 study, researchers observed 111 healthy men and women—which included those who exercised and those who didn’t. Each participant partook in two experimental sessions—one with a stress-related task and one with a non-stressful task. Researchers found that out of the 111 participants, those who regularly exercised showed a smaller decline in positive mood.

And fortunately, it doesn’t take much movement to reap the benefits…

The World Health Organization for Europe recommends that at least 30 minutes of regular, moderate-intensity physical activity on most days is ideal.

The best part—there is an abundance of options for physical activity...whether you’re going for a walk outside, biking through a nearby park, hiking, playing tennis or soccer, swimming, or lifting weights at the gym, you’re bound to feel more blissed and balanced.

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Is it true that giving thanks can make you moreIs it true that giving thanks can make you more balanced and fulfilled?

 Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson is onto something when she explains that positive emotions are physiologically beneficial because they “undo” and “unknot” the harmful effects of negative emotions.

And one way to undo and unknot those harmful effects is to keep a gratitude journal.

German philosopher Martin Heidegger is famously known for saying, Denken ist Danken—thinking is thanking.

When we think, we’re also recognizing, acknowledging, and appreciating—and these are the three things that make gratitude complete.

So press pause, pull out your journal, and acknowledge what you’re grateful for. This will show you what’s worth prioritizing in your life, which will then help you reprioritize how you spend your time.


4. Unplug to Unwind

Step 1: Unplug (i.e. close your laptop, turn off those pesky email notifications, and if you’re super brave—turn off your cell phone altogether by 7:00 PM).

Step 2: Turn on your essential oil diffuser, put your hand over your heart, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths. You deserve 30 seconds to acknowledge that heartbeat of yours and unwind from your workday.

Step 3: Repeat every day after work.

Having an essential oil diffuser in your home, office, and bedroom will not only awaken your senses and bring you back to yourself. It will also wash away the stress that piled up throughout your day.

And if you’re feeling guilty about working less and turning off your phone, remember that a law was passed by the European parliament allowing you to digitally disconnect outside of your working hours.

Don’t be the employee that works from home and is twice as likely to exceed their maximum of 48 hours per week. There’s no need to stay “on” all the time.


5. Add CBD to Your Daily Ritual

Did you know that CBD helps put your body back into balance?

It’s one of the many magical benefits the hemp plant offers, and it works because of our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). All mammals have an ECS, and when it’s functioning properly, it creates homeostasis (i.e. balance) in your body’s cells, which keep you feeling healthy, calm, and free of stress, pain, and brain fog.

LIONES believes in CBD’s ability to restore balance so much that we’ve crafted a CBD oil collection to help you restore a sense of balance and bliss.

Not sure about what CBD benefits are? Have a look to our blog articles "What Are Cannabinoids?"  and "CBD Do's and Don'ts".


The Bottom Line: How to Balance Work and Life

If you’re wondering how to balance work and life, just remember—

Finding that blissful state of work life balance isn’t something you check off your to-do list and never look at again. It’s a continuous cycle that must be re-evaluated based on the ever-changing events of life.

Take 2020 for example—no one could have ever expected a worldwide shut down due to a pandemic, yet that’s what happened. This—along with the WFY mandate—forced people to have their work-life and home-life under one roof.

And the ones who felt the most balanced, you ask? Those who took the time to press pause, reprioritize, and dedicate more time to their holistic wellness practice.

|O L|ONES Team

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